Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 years, crawfish, and baseball

last weekend was a jam packed weekend. friday night was our 4th wedding anniversary. i am so happy i get to spend everyday with my best friend. he makes me laugh harder than anyone else and i am so anxious to grow old with him. i was so surprised to have a delivery at work of some amazing fresh fruit courtesy of my fabulous husband. he said it was hard to find something without strawberries (eww) and mostly pineapple (yum) but he did a great job! 

we went to dinner that night to a new-to-us restaurant and i can't believe i have been missing out on it for all these years. if you haven't been to backstreet cafe in river oaks.. go now! unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture of us.. just the food. :)

on saturday we ran errands all morning and then went to celebrate our friend trevor's birthday with a crawfish boil. this is the 2nd annual crawfish boil and we look forward to it every may. 

 after eating way too much and smelling like crawfish we headed to the astros/rangers game with my mom and sister. justin is all for the rangers and it was fun giving him a hard time about it. the astros won and he was depressed that he is 0-2 at the astros/rangers games. 

i picked up an order of bundtinis from nothing bundt cake this week and i couldn't stop eating them. delicious! can't wait to try more flavors next time. 

here's to another great weekend and celebrating memorial day! 

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